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On Tuesday, November 8, voters in Arizona will be able to make history and end marijuana prohibition. We are writing to you today to encourage you to do register to vote before the October 10 deadline, do your homework on the issue, and then go out and vote on or before November 8. Once you look at Proposition 205, we are confident you will join us in voting YES.


Register to vote or update your info BEFORE October 10 HERE


Sign up to receive information about Prop 205 HERE


Follow Prop 205 on Twitter, Like the campaign on Facebook, check out their ads on YouTube


Vote-by-mail ballots will be mailed October 12, and poll voting takes place November 8. Please join us in making history. Please vote YES ON 205!

What does Prop 205 do?

  • It allows adults 21 years of age and older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and consume marijuana in private.

  • It allows adults to grow up to six marijuana plants in an enclosed, locked space within their residences and possess the marijuana produced by those plants in the location where it was grown. (And you can keep what you harvest, even if it's more than an ounce.)

  • It enacts a 15% excise tax on retail marijuana sales, which will be used to fund public schools and health.



  1. Will this hurt the medical marijuana industry? What about my current dispensary?

    Prop 205 will not affect medical marijuana dispensaries.

  2. I heard smoke shops will be hurt by 205, is that true?

    No, the initiative absolutely does not eliminate smoke shops or prevent them from selling paraphernalia. In fact, it REMOVES all criminal penalties associated with marijuana paraphernalia, so it creates protections for smoke shops that don't currently exist! 


Together, we can make history.

We hope you will

the campaign today!

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