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YiLo Superstore: The Perfect Store To Visit On Any Day Ending In “Y”

John Hartsell – WeediaBuzz Co-Founder

PHOENIX – The Weedia®Buzz team recently stopped by YiLo Superstore, located at I-17 and Thunderbird in the heart of the Phoenix Valley, to find the most robust selection of cannabis accessories we’ve found in any Arizona dispensary so far. Their showroom includes high-quality pipes, bongs, rigs and other accessories. With a selection like this, customers enjoy a one-stop-shop for all of their cannabis needs.

This reviewer has long been a fan of YiLo edible products – even before visiting YiLo Superstore – and over the past couple years, Arizona’s medical marijuana patients have become very familiar with the YiLo brand. YiLo can be found in nearly every dispensary across the state. Their edible delights are well known for bringing comfort to patients with consistency and with incredible flavor!

Upon our arrival we expected to find a store mainly focused on the products Arizona patients have come to know and love, their edibles. And they did not disappoint!

With a half-dozen refrigerated cases full of unique treats, edible lovers will find products ranging from suckers and brownies to gummies and poprocks. My personal favorites are among their beverage and tea bag offerings, which provide a healthy method of delivery while yielding quick results. In fact, I recently brewed YiLo tea and found that the effects were perfect for my daytime needs as the psychoactive effects were not over bearing. The tea still provided much relief from the arthritic joint pain I suffer from.

I’d be lying if I said I was not surprised when I heard there was an actual YiLo Superstore, and they had more than just edibles. Honestly, having never seen them in other stores, I was a little tentative about their other product offerings. The very knowledgeable staff walked me through all of their products and, as they’ve done so well with their edibles, YiLo has produced a great line of products that will definitely be part of my personal selection – namely their new disposable pen!

Containing 500mg of cannabis oil (CO2 extracted oil), this pen is great for anyone who lives life on the go. It is sleek, small and activates with just a pull of the pen. I had this in my pocket for several days and used it literally everywhere I went. Generally, these pens give me a headache and don’t provide the relief I desire. However, after just a couple pulls this pen left me with just the headache-free effect I was after.

Besides their edibles and product offerings – we were also excited to see a wide selection of flowers and concentrates. Whether you are a dabber and require wax, or have interest in top-quality flower, YiLo Superstore definitely delivers. Needless to say, the Weedia®Buzz team highly recommends YiLo and their products.

For more information, please visit their website.

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