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Simply put the YiLo Superstore is a medical marijuana patient's paradise.

Since opening in December, the superstore is quickly becoming the preferred one-stop shopping destination for Arizona medical marijuana cardholders of all ages and lifestyles.

Patients can now experience the largest selection of flower, oils, waxes and concentrates, world-famous edibles and a vast array of accessories including high-tech vaporizers, bubblers, hand-crafted art glass water pipes and more, all at one super- sized location.

From the moment you enter the bright, friendly facility that innovatively combines a medical marijuana dispensary and adjacent smoking accessory store, you'll never want to leave.

Conveniently located just off of the I-17, at the southwest corner of 28th Avenue and Thunderbird Road in Phoenix, everything about the store is supersized including the dispensary's depth and breadth of cannabis products and accessories.

More than 40 medical marijuana strains, multiple concentrates, and the largest array of fresh, organic edibles in the state are the primary focus for patients.

Connoisseurs will appreciate the thoughtful selection of innovative delights such as frosted bud Indica (FBI), or frosted bud Sativa (FBS), both coated in cannabis oil and smothered with resinous kief.

Others prefer popular strains such as Blue Dream and Green Crack that may be among the abundant and changing daily flower selections. In addition, the new disposable YiLo vape pen is a must-have for discriminating consumers. Fine chocolate offerings like the popular Cappuccino brownie and rich White Chocolate Hazelnut bar, fruit infused beverages and frozen desserts are featured in YiLo's wide select ions of medicated edibles that are always made fresh and never contain harmful preservatives or additives.

With a focus on quality, high standards and testing, YiLo edibles ensure the most consistent THC and CBD dosing levels for patients.

At the superstore, valid Arizona medical marijuana cardholders can conveniently select from a wide variety of THC and CBD based products. Color-coded flower packaging with tiered pricing levels, easy-to-follow "traffic light" edible dosing designations, and daily specials make shopping a breeze for every budget.

Immediately adjacent to the dispensary is a vast retail smoke shop, providing an ample selection of consumption accessories.

Traditional glass pipes, rolling papers and water pipes, high- tech vaporizers and atomizers for the ultimate gadget-loving enthusiast are plentiful. Grinders, smelly proof stash boxes and other cannabis-friendly items round out the selection. Price and variety make the accessories perfect for gift giving, collecting or personal use.

"Serving patients to create better health is our goal," said Brian Freund, manager. Like his staff, Freund is extremely knowledgeable about medicinal cannabis and cannabis consumption methods. "Each patient has a slightly different need. The store's huge selection of medicine and accessories ensure we can provide every patient what they need from the superstore."

YiLo creates products that bring mind, body and soul into perfect balance making for a healthier, happier patient Each locally produced YiLo edible is made with the finest freshest organic ingredients tested to provide patients with consistent delicious medication.

The YiLo Superstore, located at 2841 W. Thunderbird Road, is open every day from 9 a.m. — 10p.m., and is fully staffed to make shopping quick and convenient Educators are on staff to work with every type of patient need.

For information, stop in, visit yilo. com, or call 602-539-2828.

Visit the YiLo Superstore on April 20 and receive 25% off your purchase of all edibles, and receive other discounts throughout the day.

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