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YiLo Brand Products from Arizona’s YiLoLife, Inc. Represent a Major Step Up in MMJ Edibles


The YiLo brand of MMJ (medical marijuana) edible products is atypical, a brand apart from the all-too-common assortment of marijuana-infused edibles currently being sold. The growth of the MMJ market has tempted producers to get something on dispensary shelves quickly, at high markup, with little regard for quality, dependability, and the overall customer experience. The importance of superior marijuana growth and handling is clear, but it’s easy to forget that quality involves more than just the active ingredients. An edible product that doesn’t offer the taste and desirability to be enjoyed on its own is not going to generate return customers, nor should it.

That’s why, from the start, YiLo has focused on creating medicated chocolates, drinks, brownies, candies, and snacks that are simply the best, because the best medication in the world means nothing if the consumer doesn’t want to take it. This includes surprising offerings like sugar free treats for people worried about blood glucose, along with drinks like coffee, teas, and juices, and edibles in a full range of flavors (and dosages). YiLo’s branded, award-winning product line now includes over 600 medical marijuana products.

From the medicine side, the YiLo brand is proud to source 100% high-grade medical marijuana from its own cultivation in Arizona. Dosages are consistent, lab-tested based upon German quality standards, and communicated to the consumer in an easy-to-use traffic light system of red, yellow, and green.

The result of all this is that YiLo is now the fastest growing seed-to-shelf marijuana related brand in Arizona, distributed to almost all dispensaries in the state. Under a license agreement with YiLoLife, Natural Relief Clinic (NRC) operates and produces its portfolio of products under the YiLo brand, with operations including the first YiLo Superstore at 2841 W. Thunderbird Road in central Phoenix.

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