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Chemdawg (Hybird)



Special Queen

This near-even hybrid (sativa/indica ratio of 50:50) is a mix of Power Bud and Skunk, both popular medical selections. It has moderate THC levels, between 14% and 16% in available samples, making it a great choice for first-time patients and occasional tokers. CBD levels are unclear, but reports suggest the chemical is too scarce to recommend Special Queen for treatment of conditions that respond to CBD, such as pediatric seizure disorders. The strain is good, however, as a medication for anxiety, sleeplessness, and chronic nerve pain. The indica-driven effects are mostly physical, producing a calming, happy body high with accompanying mental relief. Special Queen has a musky, Skunky flavor, and it smells of citrus and tealeaves. The buds have a lime green hue and brown hairs. There aren't many public reports of side effects associated with this strain, but it's probably safe to expect watery eyes and cottonmouth, as well as possible paranoia. Though relatively rare, Special Queen can be purchased on the medical markets of California, Arizona, and Colorado, and in limited parts of Europe. Some black market breeders may grow it, but not enough to make it a regular find there.


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