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"Yilo products are consistent and reliable. I measure my dosages out evenly and medicate 3 times a day. I enjoy consistent relief from my condition. Thank you Yilo! .........Dark and Milk Chocolate Bars are my favorite (shape of bar makes it easy to portion out evenly too!)"

Karen W.

"Best tasting, most potent and fast acting juice I ever had. Iv try the coffee as well and that was very good as well. My absolute favorite is the orange mango 240mg. A+ all around"

Sean M.

"Some of the best edibles I've ever tried. Love your juices!"

Omar A.

"I am so totally in love with any and all of the Yi-Lo potions, juices and teas. They are my first choice when it comes to medicating."

Megan M.

"I love the gummies. Can't wait to try some chocolate!"

Jessica A.

"All the Yilo edibles are the best. I love the way the drinks kick in. Just tried my first flower from Yilo and it was fire for sure also. Ill be back soon for sure <3 <3 <3"

Casey K

"I'm in love with the Orange Mango juice!!! It not only taste amazing but it's super effective!!!"

Nicole C.

"Had the 240 mg, orange mango. First drank half, and an hour later drank other half. One hour later felt relaxed, at ease. Not over powering. Delightful tasting, I have hade beverages of similar mg, and they tasted very much like medicine"

Kevin E.

"These are the best edibles in Arizona ."

Tad B.

"I love yi-lo!!! Purple cap!

Amy W.

"I love the orange mango potions! And gummies"

Klairece H.

"Great place to get edibles that actually work and are dosed correctly."

Deliliah G.

"Hands down the best product out there!

Mitchell M.

"I love your products! Especially the drinks!

Sheena H.

"Love supporting local business while using a very effective medicine! Thank you for your wonderful bars!"

Benjamin K.

"Best stuff on the planet!"

Candelaria W.

"Yilo Teas are my favorite, nothing compares! :)"

Mackenzie B.

"Absolutely love Yilo orange mango 240mg. I use this product every night because its the only MMJ product that really helps me fall asleep and stay sleeping throughout the whole night. It has given me countless nights of great sleep, and because of that, Yilo will always be part of my night time routine!!!!"

Jason M.

"Yilo is an awesome company that has Grade A edibles. There isn't one thing that I have tried that I don't like, and I have tried a lot. Yilo is and will always be my go to for edibles.

Ryan M.

"YiLo Potions are the best! I love the orange mango 240mg because it delivers my medication quickly and provides me with immense relief for both my chronic pain and anxiety!"

Sara P.

"YI-LO, makes the best tasting, highest quality edibles on the market!"

Mitch M.

"I have tried other products and I have been disappointed, so I stick with YiLo, as it has proven to be quite tasty, as well as very effective!"

Lisa F.

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"My favorite YiLo edible is the cookies and cream chocolate bar! The gummy bears are great as well! I love YiLo!"

"I have enjoyed all Yilo products!"

Michelle C.


Scott C.


Steve M.

"The quality of Yilo is top notch. I love the packaging I know I am getting a great consistent product every time!"