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"Yilo products are consistent and reliable. I measure my dosages out evenly and medicate 3 times a day. I enjoy consistent relief from my condition. Thank you Yilo! .........Dark and Milk Chocolate Bars are my favorite (shape of bar makes it easy to portion out evenly too!)"

Karen W.

"Best tasting, most potent and fast acting juice I ever had. Iv try the coffee as well and that was very good as well. My absolute favorite is the orange mango 240mg. A+ all around"

Sean M.

"Some of the best edibles I've ever tried. Love your juices!"

Omar A.

"I am so totally in love with any and all of the Yi-Lo potions, juices and teas. They are my first choice when it comes to medicating."

Megan M.

"I love the gummies. Can't wait to try some chocolate!"

Jessica A.

"All the Yilo edibles are the best. I love the way the drinks kick in. Just tried my first flower from Yilo and it was fire for sure also. Ill be back soon for sure <3 <3 <3"

Casey K

"I'm in love with the Orange Mango juice!!! It not only taste amazing but it's super effective!!!"

Nicole C.

"Had the 240 mg, orange mango. First drank half, and an hour later drank other half. One hour later felt relaxed, at ease. Not over powering. Delightful tasting, I have hade beverages of similar mg, and they tasted very much like medicine"

Kevin E.

"These are the best edibles in Arizona ."

Tad B.

"I love yi-lo!!! Purple cap!

Amy W.

"I love the orange mango potions! And gummies"

Klairece H.

"Great place to get edibles that actually work and are dosed correctly."

Deliliah G.

"Hands down the best product out there!

Mitchell M.

"I love your products! Especially the drinks!

Sheena H.

"Love supporting local business while using a very effective medicine! Thank you for your wonderful bars!"

Benjamin K.

"Best stuff on the planet!"

Candelaria W.

"Yilo Teas are my favorite, nothing compares! :)"

Mackenzie B.

"Absolutely love Yilo orange mango 240mg. I use this product every night because its the only MMJ product that really helps me fall asleep and stay sleeping throughout the whole night. It has given me countless nights of great sleep, and because of that, Yilo will always be part of my night time routine!!!!"

Jason M.

"Yilo is an awesome company that has Grade A edibles. There isn't one thing that I have tried that I don't like, and I have tried a lot. Yilo is and will always be my go to for edibles.

Ryan M.

"YiLo Potions are the best! I love the orange mango 240mg because it delivers my medication quickly and provides me with immense relief for both my chronic pain and anxiety!"

Sara P.

"YI-LO, makes the best tasting, highest quality edibles on the market!"

Mitch M.

"I have tried other products and I have been disappointed, so I stick with YiLo, as it has proven to be quite tasty, as well as very effective!"

Lisa F.

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"My favorite YiLo edible is the cookies and cream chocolate bar! The gummy bears are great as well! I love YiLo!"

"I have enjoyed all Yilo products!"

Michelle C.


Scott C.


Steve M.

"The quality of Yilo is top notch. I love the packaging I know I am getting a great consistent product every time!"

Ed S.

"Yilo has always came through for me unlike any other brands in the shops. The teas are my personal favorite. It has really made living with the chronic pain beyond bearable.thank you"

Brittany T.

"I tried many edibles under different brands and it's not strong enough or high effects go away in short term. I tried Yilo edibles such as 3 g and 4 g Yilo tea and juice. It got me high and less pains for more than 12 hours! Comfortable and haven't smoked one cigarette for 24 hours without thinking or craving or willpower! Yilo Tea and juice are amazing highest quality."

Amanda O.

"I only had half of the 2 gram Milk Chocolate Fine Chocolate Cannabis Bar and my god...it was beautiful. Might just indulge on another one today. \m/"

Jacob D.

"The drinks work for me like magic."

Scott C.


Angelic C.

"Your caramel chocolate bars are tooooo good! You should make them without cannabis so we can eat the whole thing!! LOL"

Marilyn D.

"love it"

Derik R.

"I love the Yilo tea's they are very good and the medication works perfectly."

Nicola D.

"I use the tea as well as flower. The tea seems to last longer in my system. I really enjoy the flavors as well."

Angela S.

"I love the orange mango. Edibles don't usually work for me, but this stuff does the trick for my pain."

Sheena H.

"We use the juice every night, I am not sure how much longer we can afford as we are retired, but it is wonderful for sleep and pain"

Jolyn O.

"Tried the milk chocolate 60mg and loved it! I can't wait to try cookies & creme and YiLos other edibles! (:"

Eliana A.

"YiLo edibles are exceptional, both in quality and a diverse menu to fit all tastes. Keep up the good work!"

John F.

"Too often edibles have limited flavors and often an overpowering marijuana taste but these are not typical! A ton of flavors and taste no different than a normal chocolate bar! The caramel chocolate was amazing! Can't wait to try the other flavors!"

Michael E.

"Absolutely delicious & effective."

Samantha D.

"love all yilo product!"

Naomi C.

"Yilo juice is by far the most effective method of pain and insomnia relief I have found. Thank you for giving me my life back."

Edie E.

"Love your bars! Best available !!"

Robert S.

"Dark Chocolate is very tasty and potent. Thanks."

Richard P.

"Thank you"

Kimberly M.

"YiLo edibles are the best!!"

John P.

"I love your dark chocolate"

Kyle E.

"I can't thank you enough for this product. My medical conditions require me to consume this medication orally instead of the traditional smoking. I've come to depend on the Yilo bar's consistency, potency, fair price, discrete packaging, quality and of course the great taste. The only recommendation I have would be to add additional or smaller squares that are easy to break off instead of the 4 large pieces you have now. I give your product a good amount of credit for helping me put my medical condition in remission for the past 2.5 years. Your Yilo bar is a part of my personal medical regiment that is closely supervised by my doctor. Please DON'T CHANGE anything about your product....it provides me relief and a quality of life that I have not enjoyed for many years. Please pass along my sincere heart felt gratitude to all of the staff for helping me when all other "western" medicine failed."


Daniel F.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE the 180mg Yilo Toffee Chocolate bar! You make great stuff!"

Marilyn D.

"The edible chocolate bars are the easiest way for me and they are very tasty. Within 30 minutes my pain starts fading away."

Carolyn A.

"I was shocked at how good it tasted being sugar free candy bar."

Damian T.

"The chocolates are the most consistent I have found."

Jan O.

"Chocolate is good"

Gregory T.

"i think the products are great. my favorite chocolate by far."

John M.

"I have been a fan and continued customer of YiLo Dark Chocolate bars since i discovered them! I prefer this bar in its potency and taste over the other options available on the market. I can break off a segment and trust the consistency of the effect time and time again. I am such a big fan i stopped shopping at two dispensaries because they discontinued the YiLo brand & i do business with White Mountain Dispensary now because they are willing to keep my preferred product in stock! When it comes to medication, theres no reason to substitute!"

Benjamin S.

"Love the taste and helps all my medical needs"

Denise P.

"Great new flavors!"

Thomas W.

"I am a budtender for a dispensary that carries your line. I love the white chocolate! Our patients love yi-lo more than any other company we carry for edibles. Thank you for all you do for us AZ mmj patients."

Alyssa Q.

"The dark chocolate is amazing!!!"

Michael G.

"I love your candy bars!!! Truly the best edible I've found!!!"

Julie S.

"I love the taste of my medicine, isn't that crazy!!! A little chocolate before I go to bed and my insomnia problems are over!!! Thank you!!!"

Carli B.

"Love your dark chocolate bars"

Keith S.

"All of your products are amazing. They help me so much and by far the best tasting edibles, EVER!!"

Breana P.


Robert F.

"I have been buying your chocolate bars (and other items) for a couple of years now and you make some wonderful products. Keep up the great work! The pain relief is so welcome."

Tiffanie N.

"I love the taste of these way more than any other"

Rebekah D.

"Your chocolate is better than Willy Wonka! I'm so excited to try some of your new flavors!"

Carllin R.

"I love all of the chocolate bars!!! I haven't tried one I didn't like!!! Quality chocolate!!!"

Carli B.

"I love these bars!"

Cody P.

"I honestly love all of the chocolate bars and drinks and different edibles yilo makes they are all fire!"

Garrett C.

"Double Bonus...not only is the chocolate scrumptious it makes life a little better...lol! Willy Wonka would be jealous!"

Carllin R.

"Quality medicine. Helps right away and gets me through my day. I highly recommend it for those that want something that works."

- Shawn L.

"Just wanted to pass along to your crew that you guys make fantastic, consistent edibles. I've compared them to other brands here in Tucson, and you guys are the creme de la creme. You have made this Crohn's disease sufferer quite happy, as I travel for work and rarely end up in a state that has either reciprocation for AZ's MMJ cards or legality. Packing some gummies in my carry-on bag is foolproof and safe as can be, and they always, always deliver as advertised!!! Thank you!"

- Dylan

"I am a patient at the High Mountain Health (Flagstaff) Dispensary and I have been buying your Jolly candies (60 mg) for about 7 months now.  I use your product on a regular basis as it helps me with my sleep, migraines, Crohn's disease and post-concussion syndrome symptoms.  I love how well your product makes me feel and truly works wonders.  It is a great product!!!"

- Cory

"I have never gained so much utility from any other medical marijuana product on the market. I have been told by dispensary agents (Harvest of Tempe) that you use Co2 oil in your edibles. I feel this is the future, this extraction method, combined with edibles."

- Jason S.

"I love the teas.. Always my fav..."

Pam K.

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