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Blazed 420 Edible Review by Kevin Gassman

Eating edibles isn’t an exact science, yet. How much should you have? How long will it take to

“kick-in?” Or, how long will it last? Everyone is different. How will it affect you? Well, the only way to find out is to try them. So in this issue we explore 2 edibles, both from Yilo.com, and acquired from PARC Dispensary, located at 4201 E. University Drive, Phoenix.

I’ve always approached eating edibles with my own style. Meaning I don’t smoke any flower before eating one, and I won’t smoke any flower until well after the effects start to work. I also like to measure the time it takes from the moment I eat one too when I start to feel the effects. And I won’t let any smoke cloud those feelings.

So let’s start with Yilo Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies 30g Sativa Dominant Purple Haze

These 3 pack of cookies have a small amount of THC (10g) in each cookie. The taste though? Blasting with blueberries. It was like eating a blueberry muffin cookie. To date, one of the best tasting cookies I’ve had. The sativa dominant Purple Haze brings a mild body buzz, so light it was hardly recognizable. But I knew that going in. My tolerance is pretty high with edibles. Usually, the effects I feel would be a nice body high and bit of a head high. I normally get soggy eyes on edibles. But with these cookies, there was none of that.

I started out with one cookie at 8:30am. Now normally I wouldn’t be eating cookies for breakfast, but since this is a sativa, I thought the earlier the better. By 11:30am I didn’t really feel much in the way of a body high. However, my energy was steady and I didn’t feel the need to smoke any flower. So that’s good! About a half-hour later, I ate another cookie. Again, since my tolerance is a bit higher than normal, I thought that one 10g cookie wouldn’t be enough, however, I felt fine throughout the day and wasn’t foggy-headed or did I feel the need to sleep. Something edibles usually end up making me do.

Yilo Tootsy Cherry’s. 240g Sativa Dominant Super Silver Haze

3 cherry tootsie’s loaded with 80g each. I was given the recommendation to cut the rolls into 4 equal parts to make a 20g dose. Well, given by the results of the cookies, I decided to eat a half of one for my first try.

It was 3:45pm when I tried one. Keep these in the fridge. As I tried to cut it with a knife, it didn’t break right away. In fact, the roll became very pliable and soft, really fast. So as soon as I popped it in my mouth, it started to soften and spread over my gums. It was extremely chewy. There was a cherry flavor, but it wasn’t that strong, however, you could taste the medicine. But I kinda like that. Lets me know it’s in there! The entire day went by and I didn’t eat the other half til the next morning. I have to say, my energy was up the whole day. I wasn’t body high, but my back pain wasn’t flaring up either. I also wasn’t head high. It was just a steady stream of energy, not too much, but just enough to be functional and alert the rest of the day.

As always, when eating edibles, make sure you know the amount of THC in each serving. Ask for the makers or dispensaries to give you a recommended dosage. And when at home, do a little science project figure out your edible tolerance.

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