Example of tracking a lead conversion: // userId is the id from the grouping service when a // user creates an account or logs in LeadTracker.recordLead(userId, { email: userEmail, }); Example of tracking a purchase: window.LeadTracker?.recordPurchase(userId, { email: billingAddress.personPrimaryEmail, firstName: billingAddress.personFirstName, lastName: billingAddress.personLastName, phone: billingAddress.personPrimaryPhone, store: storeName, exchangeId: storeExchangeId, purchaseCode: orderToSave.id, purchaseAmount: { currencyCode: 'USD', value: amount, }, items: products.map(product => { return { id: product.id, description: product.name, amount: { currencyCode: 'USD', value: parseFloat(product.price), }, } }) });
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Why work at YiLo?

YiLo is a great place to work. We are a growing company and leading Arizona in the production of the finest edibles around. We are dedicated to creating the highest quality products the Industry has to offer. If you believe you can make a difference in this growing company, and add to the quality and exellence YiLo holds in the highest regard, then please fill out the application using the link below. 


Available Positions:




-Delivery Driver

-Sales Representative

-Bud Tender

-Create your own position



(You will need an image of yourself and a copy of your resume to submit during the application process)

Available Positions
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