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YiLoLife, Inc. Public Offering Gives General Public Ground Floor Opportunity to Invest In Legal Mari

YiLoLife, Inc., an expanding company providing management and support services to the legal medical marijuana (MMJ) industry, is now open for investment to the general public through an SEC approved Regulation A+ public offering. This represents a ground floor opportunity for investors as the first in three planned investment rounds:

  1. First round is now approved by Security Exchange Commission with limited 5 million YiLo Shares for first public offering with a share value of $3.28

  2. Second round with an approximate share value of about $8 – $10

  3. Third round with an approximate share value of about $15

Arizona based YiLoLife was founded to address a significant unmet need in the medical marijuana industry. Products were being produced and sold with little concern for taste, proper standards, and selection. The fast growth of the MMJ market allowed lax quality, with businesses making money in spite of weak products. The YiLo™ brand was created to upgrade all aspects of the industry and its offerings. Today, the YiLo™ brand represents the top-of-the-line in product and operational quality, offering over 600 MMJ products and attracting a loyal customer base. With German quality standards ensuring consistent medical levels, and unsurpassed taste quality, it is now the fastest growing seed-to-shelf marijuana-related brand in Arizona. Natural Relief Clinic, Inc. (NRC), YiLoLife’s exclusive client, markets YiLo™ products through specialized dispensaries across Arizona and its MMJ YiLo Superstore located at 2841 W. Thunderbird Rd in Phoenix. In addition, YiLoLife intends to natively replicate its model by contracting with newly organized non-profit MMJ organization(s) on an exclusive basis, beginning with California.

This first round mini IPO-style public offering, under Regulation A+ of the Jobs Act, targets a $16.4 million fundraise, with net proceeds to be used for acquisition and development of cultivation, food processing, and distribution facilities, as well as for working capital. The offering gives the general public the opportunity to invest in YiLoLife’s rapid growth in providing services to the legal marijuana market, which is on pace to become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

See the YiLo crowdfunding platform at http://www.yilo.com/stocks2842, and the YiLoLife website at www.yilo.com.

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