We’ve proven our ability to grow our brand and saturate the MMJ market in Arizona, and now we’re pursuing opportunities to commence operations in other states by year-end. It’s an exciting and rewarding journey we’re on, and we’d love to have you join us as an investor.

Looking to invest in a growth story?

Investment Considerations:

  1. Diverse, award-winning line of cannabis-infused products

  2. Fastest growing seed-to-shelf MMJ brand in Arizona with targeting other states

  3. Powerful wholesale and retail distribution network

  4. Innovative dosing, labeling system that builds brand loyalty

  5. Clear vision for expanded product line and opportunities

  6. Visionary leadership team with extensive, relevant experience

YiLo has planed 3 investment rounds:

  1. First round is now approved by SEC (Security Exchange Commission) with limited  five million YiLo Shares ​for first public offering ​with a share value of $3.28

  2. Second round with an approximate share value of about $8 - $10 

  3. Third round with an approximate share value of about $15



"The first thing I did when developing the YiLo line was to ask our employees "Can we make this the best looking and best tasting marijuana products?" Without skipping a beat: everyone said "yes we can!" This is what we have created and it is ongoing, always adding new products to the YiLo line.


Today, health is about treating the mind, body and spirit. Cannabis products have a way of treating anxiety, depression, pain and more with the correct dosage. The trick is to find a product that works and stick with it.


Yilo Stocks/Shares

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