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YiLoLife, Inc. Backing a Proposition that is Giving Back to the Community

Proposition 205 (“Prop 205”), the proposition that would legalize marijuana in the state of Arizona, has seen many opponents, but the movement is still going strong. Although an appeal was made earlier this month, Judge Jo Lynn Gentry dismissed each of the arguments made by opponents of the proposal, ruling that there is no reason that Prop 205 should not go to a statewide vote in November of this year.

Why are many so keen for the proposition to go through? Prop 205 is bringing in a number of initiatives giving back to the state in many ways. In addition to this, the proposition will bring with it clear regulations and laws that allow the legalization of marijuana in Arizona with minimal disturbance. To simplify Prop 205, below are some key aspects of the proposition:

  1. Supporters of the legalization of marijuana in Arizona point out that, as with alcohol, people will not be permitted to consume the substance in public places, such as streets or parks. This would result in a $300 fine. In addition, establishments legally selling the substance will not allow people to smoke or consume marijuana on their premises. Also, as with alcohol, people under the influence of marijuana in any form will not be allowed to operate any vehicle.

  2. The next important factor highlighted in the proposition is the packaging rules. All packaging will be obliged to indicate that the products contain a certain level of marijuana.

  3. In addition to this, although the proposition will go to vote on November 8th, the resulting law would not go into effect for nearly two years, on September 1, 2018.

  4. Prop 205 is not just focused on minimizing substance abuse and other legal concerns. The proposition has the aim of sending money to Arizona schools after it has paid its own bills. Revenue for Prop 205 will be split, with 40% going to overhead costs, another 40% going toward ensuring that schools will have full-time kindergarten, and the remaining 20% going toward educating children and adults on the dangers of drug use and abuse.

YiLoLife, Inc., a company that produces and sells nearly 600 high quality marijuana-based products, is backing Proposition 205. As a very successful wholesale and now retail supplier, with its new retail medical marijuana (MMJ) YiLo Superstore in Phoenix, YiLo is not just talking the talk. The company has jumped in headfirst with a $200,000 commitment to assist with the original conception, and, now, the actual proposition campaign. Through its support of this initiative, the company aims to continue aiding the MMJ community, while also helping its home state grow in other areas, such as school and law enforcement funding.

For more information, visit www.YiLo.com

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